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Washington University’s Olin Business School is a place where you’ll discover and develop your talents. Taught by lecturers from Tilburg University’s Department of Finance, home to some of the world’s most renowned and cited academics, the program offers the latest thinking across the essentials of investments and corporate finance. The program affords up-to-the minute knowledge in the most innovative areas of finance such as: securitization, swaps, commodities, equity derivatives, leveraged buy-outs, geopolitics, behavioral finance, risk governance, and Islamic finance.

Other important finance topics which will probably be taught include accounting, mathematical methods, macro and microeconomics and information technology. Optional areas of business application may explore labour markets, government intervention and environmental regulation. Our students have access to a variety of courses reflecting the latest research findings and market practices.

His research interests include international investments, institutional investors, and corporate governance. Corporate finance, or how corporations raise capital and make investment decisions. The field of corporate finance focuses on financial management and processes within corporations. It centres on managing risk in the context of the financial markets , and the resultant economic and financial models It essentially explores how rational investors would apply risk and return to the problem of an investment policy.

In depth study of the institutional and theoretical aspects of foreign exchange markets; international capital markets, including Eurobonds and eurocredit markets. Students who do not have these skills should consider taking OPMT 0199 Math for Business or OPMT 0198 Business Math Assessment Test. Professionals work with each of the firm’s businesses, gaining the expertise required to provide the critical analysis to ensure the internal and external financial information of the firm is accurate and that the firm meets the financial control and reporting obligations of a global, regulated and public financial institution.

Students may also enrol in a student consultancy project, a competitive process where the selected candidates will work closely with companies or businesses to further extend their knowledge of a specific area of expertise. With the training you’ll receive in the Finance Diploma Program, you’ll be prepared and confident in new potential jobs in financial services, accounting, and financial management.

Miguel A. Ferreira holds the Banco BPI Chair in Finance at Nova School of Business and Economics. This course gives participants a broad understanding of the operations of various financial markets with special focus on liquidity, market structure and trading. Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd is a new age bank that gives children, youth, families and business people across India a new way to bank.

Enhance your value proposition for student success by incorporating skills-based finance training into your graduate program. Topics include temporary investments; receivables, capital assets; liabilities; partnerships; corporations; bonds; statements of changes in financial position; financial statement analysis; manufacturing accounting; departmental accounting; cost-volume-profit analysis.